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Students misuse ChatGPT in Academics

A student from Santa Clara University cheated in an Essay test of “Ethics in Artificial Intelligence” subject by utilizing ChatGPT.

The students Professor Brian Green, said the written essay was diverted from the exact topic and it was giving a robotic vibes-like kind of honestly in some aspects.

After that, the Professor changed the policy that students will deliver oral presentations in person for the subject’s final projects rather than submitting essays. However, professors from several Bay Area colleges have gathered to talk about the consequences of instant essay-generation chatbots.

Recently, the ChatGPT passes medical tests with the passing score without using any human reinforcement is a significant development for clinical AI. The 88.9% of ChatGPT responses were creative, clinically valid discoveries, and showed a logical approach, chain of thoughts.

Therefore, despite using deep learning models, the ChatGPT uses a large language model trained to predict a series of words based on the context of the words that came before them.

Moreover, ChatGPT was trained on PubMedGPT, a large language model of biomedical literature, and it outperformed in it. Researchers said with such high scores in a wider variety of clinical content, the ChatGPT AI systems will support medical education in the future.

Beside passing these exams, the ChatGPT was also utilized to write a final research article describing the system’s performance and its summaries, simplify, and provide counterpoints in the draft.

The researchers claim that they engaged with ChatGPT “much like a colleague.”