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Spotify ‘Shared Volume Control’ Now on iPhones & Android

Spotify is the Swedish music streaming company which is continually striving to improve user experience on its app. As part of these efforts, they just debuted a new feature under the Group Session feature called “Shared Volume Control.”

The volume of a song can now be changed by listeners who share a compatible speaker with the host. This enhancement gives guests more control over their listening experience while ensuring that the host can still manage the level of control granted to the guests.

Spotify Premium subscribers can currently access the Shared Volume Control feature on both iPhones and Android handsets. Users must make sure they have the most recent version of the app in order to enjoy this new functionality because it is being rolled out gradually.

This feature can be used with Amazon Cast, Chromecast, and Wi-Fi-enabled speakers that utilize the Spotify Embedded SDK, such as Sonos and Bose. Unfortunately, AirPlay, Car, or Bluetooth devices do not yet support it.

Notably, volume control is automatically turned off when there are four or more people participating in a shared listening session. However, the host can choose to make it active again.

Additionally, volume control is immediately disabled until the host re-approves it if a fourth user joins the session and then leaves.

A similar feature called “Stable Volume,” which tries to control and standardize volume levels across various videos, is also being tested by YouTube. While watching videos from different YouTube channels, this feature will help prevent abrupt volume fluctuations.

These developments demonstrate how music and video streaming platforms are continuously innovating to provide users with more control and seamless experiences during their entertainment sessions.