Spotify Removed Thousands Of AI-Generated Songs Close Now

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Spotify Removed Thousands Of AI-Generated Songs

Spotify pays royalties to artists and license holders on a song per listen. But AI-generated music content is getting the right of royalty of honest and hardworking artists.

Considering this major issue, Spotify removed AI-based generated tens of thousands of songs created by the Boomy Company started in 2021, which enables users to develop songs based on text inputs.

Making 7% of the songs have been removed by the company, created by the startup system, highlighting the rapid emergence of AI-generated content on music streaming platforms.

According to reports, Universal Music notified Spotify and other significant services that it had discovered suspicious streaming activities on Boomy’s tracks intended to increase listener counts and create unjustified money for them.

The music streaming firm acknowledged that it had removed some Boomy tracks and said AI-based streaming is a long-standing problem that affects the entire industry. At the same time, the company is attempting to step out from this.

The company added that We are taking action to lessen its effects by removing streaming numbers and limiting payments. By doing this, we can safeguard the royalties that legitimate and devoted artists should receive.

AI-generated music made headlines last month after a viral success of a song that seemed to feature the vocals of Drake and The Weeknd artist.

Universal Music Group, representing this artist duo, argued that using their voices to train generative AI systems violates our contracts and copyright laws.

After that, Apple Music and Spotify’s libraries removed the viral song.

According to Boomy, its users “have created 14,554,448 songs,” or slightly under 14% of the world’s recorded music.