SpaceX Starship is ready to Launch for the first Orbital Flight Close Now

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SpaceX Starship is ready to Launch for the first Orbital Flight in 2023

The mega-rocket of SpaceX, the starship, was successfully tested under a static fire test on February 9.

SpaceX official confirms that the starship is set to launch for its first orbital flight test in march as it is waiting for a launch license from Federal Aviation Administration.

SpaceX Senior Henry states at the Space Mobility Conference in Florida that this fire test was the “last box to check starship rocket” before its first orbital flight attempt, and the rocket and launching pad is in good shape.

This starship is a reusable, heavy rocket that can travel to Mars, Moon, and Earth’s orbit. SpaceX has been working since 2021 on performing its starship rocket orbital launch test by running a series of static fire tests of the booster’s engines.

The company ignited 14 Raptors simultaneously for 10 seconds in November, and on January 23, it conducted a dry run of the 120-meter-tall rocket. In the most recent full-scale fire test, from 33 raptor engines, only two engines didn’t catch fire.

Elon Musk replied the ignited engines are enough to reach Earth orbit. Henry also said during the conference that SpaceX wouldn’t perform another test before an attempt at an orbital launch.

SpaceX has signed an agreement with NASA of $2.89 billion to land humans on the Moon by the end of 2025, which is part of NASA’s Artemis 3 mission.