SpaceX Starship Flight Test Delayed to ‘frozen valve’ Close Now

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SpaceX Starship Flight Test Delayed due to ‘frozen valve’

Remember that the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) approved SpaceX to launch its next-generation Starship’s first orbital flight test from South Texas on 17 April as the launch window for Starship.

It’s been a long and challenging journey for SpaceX to reach this point and get the license issued. Still, despite good weather and low winds, SpaceX decided to delay a full launch after identifying a problem with a frozen pressure valve.

Now the company needs to use backup launch windows on Tuesday and Wednesday. SpaceX will now have to wait at least 48 hours (2 days) before making another attempt.

However, today will perform a “wet dress rehearsal,” entirely with the Starship’s engines operating.

For the first time, SpaceX intended to launch a fully integrated Starship system with a Heavy rocket booster for sending primary spacecraft into orbit. The whole structure is 394 feet tall, more than the height of the Saturn V rocket.

Elon Musk told followers in a Sunday Twitter Spaces chat, “Don’t make your expectations high.” don’t be surprised if something goes wrong, as this test is mainly about collecting data for improved Starship flights in the future.

A successful spacecraft flight test is essential for both NASA’s exploration plans and SpaceX’s long-term missions, including lunar missions, as the Artemis Moon II mission will begin in December 2025.