SpaceX Mega-Rocket with A Unique Look Close Now

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SpaceX Mega-Rocket with A Unique Look & Potential Ever Built Before

Every conventional rocket is made in white, but a unique SpaceX starship mega-rocket has been manufactured in silver and covered with black hexagonal tiles. A profound change begins after SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket.

It has a unique appearance and is the company’s tallest and most potential rocket ever built. Hardly it bears little resemblance to any other rocket in the entire globe.

The SpaceX mega-rocket is located close to the small village little of Boca Chica on the southern point of Texas.

The mega-rocket comprises two stages. The first stage is a rocket’s booster known as a super heavy engine in silver colour, and the second stage is dubbed starship in half silver and black.

The rocket’s silver appearance is by a non-corrosive alloy called 300-series stainless steel. Most spacecraft companies refrain from using steel because its heavy weight affects the payload to carry to space.

Therefore, only the outer body of the rocket is made from durable and lightweight metals like aluminium and titanium, but they are 15 to 20 times more expensive than steel.

The reason to replace cheap metals with expensive ones is performance and life risk.

Experts in material science claim that steel performs better than titanium at high temperatures and in extreme colds, such as during launching and re-entering the Earth’s atmosphere. Because most of the rocket’s material became weak and brittle, making it more likely to crack or break.

Whereas the black hexagonal tiles are silica-based, heat-resistant, intended to shield the spacecraft from sweltering temperatures as it re-enters the atmosphere of Earth.