SpaceX limits the Ukraine usage of Starlink Satellite services Close Now

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SpaceX limits the Ukraine usage of Starlink Satellite services

The chief of SpaceX company, Elon Musk, may be providing the Starlink service to Ukraine to save it from the Russian invasion except for all other applications of the satellite internet technology.

At a Federal Aviation Administration conference, the Operating Chief of SpaceX clears that the company doesn’t allow any country to utilize Starlink applications to control military drones and other offensive activities. However, it is fine for troops to use satellite broadband for communication.

Continuing the talk, he said SpaceX has already stopped Ukraine from using Starlink with war drones. But Ukraine claims that it only uses satellite internet for defense.

Starlink has played an important role in Ukraine’s people’s life since the beginning of the Russian invasion of Ukraine last year. It helps this nation to connect citizens, government organizations, and military units without relying on the terrestrial internet. Also, this Starlink access can enable Ukraine drones to investigate military flights, bomb attacks, and long-range targeting.

Ukraine and SpaceX have a tense relationship. The Ukraine war started with Russia, so the company quickly offered Starlink connection services. Elon musk complained that the service’s cost was rising but quickly changed his mind. After such high maintenance costs, a deal was signed between Ukraine and the EU to purchase more thousand terminals in December.