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Sony Airpeak Drone


The Airpeak supports a maximum tilt angle up to 55 degrees and, thanks to its powerful motors can maintain a steady position even in wind gusts of up to 44.7mph. Airpeak S1’s maximum flight time is 22 minutes. When fully loaded, it drops to 12 minutes.

The Airpeak S1 has a variety of sensors and cameras onboard that monitor the drone’s surroundings. A companion iOS app also keeps track of the drone’s operation and status. Sony’s Airpeak Base web application makes it simple to log flights and create equipment lists for individual shoots.

The Airpeak S1 can reach 55 mph in 3.5 seconds, which is faster than any comparable DJI drone. It can also be equipped with a full frame interchangable lens mirrorless camera. The Airpeak S1 is not equipped with a camera module or a sensor, but can carry various versions of the , , and a1 Sony mirrorless cameras. Although other mirrorless cameras may also work with the Airpeak, Sony has not yet tested them. The Airpeak S1 has a dual operation mode, which allows one person to fly the drone and another person to operate the camera. This is useful for tricky camera work. The camera’s internal battery powers all cameras attached to the Airpeak, and the drone can connect to these ports via USB-C or HDMI.