Snapchat Introducing Ads to Spotlight And ‘My AI’ Close Now

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Snapchat Introducing Ads to Spotlight And ‘My AI’ Chatbot

You might have heard about snapchat most popular features, the TikTok clone Spotlight and the OpenAI-powered chatbot “My AI.”

Snap is incorporating advertisements for both of its buzzy launches. The business disclosed the new ad formats during its presentation at the NewFronts advertising conference.

Snap started experimenting with advertisements in Spotlight last year but will now start rolling them out globally. The addition might boost the snapchat advertising business, which has recently gone through a huge lift-off.

According to the company, Spotlight has more than 350 million monthly users and rewards creators of successful short-form videos.

For Spotlight creators, introducing advertisements will also bring up several interesting opportunities, mainly potential revenue sharing. However, Snap hasn’t disclosed any of these plans, so it’s difficult to predict that the company may do the same for Spotlight.

However, the company recently expanded other ad revenue-sharing programs.

In addition, the ‘My AI’ Chatbot will be able to directly surface sponsored links to snap users relevant to discussion or conversation.

For example, in response to a query about where to eat tonight, the chatbot will propose nearby eateries based on the app’s Snap Map, which might surface a sponsored post from a nearby eatery or food delivery service.

Similarly, it can bring up sponsored links from an airline about travel or game retailers about video games.

The business refers to the My AI advertisements as an early trial, but it is noteworthy soon after its debut.