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Sleep Coaching App Boosts Sleep by One Hour, Study Reveals

The ‘Sleep Reset App claims to improve sleep quality without using drugs, and a study conducted by researchers from the University of Arizona’s Sleep and Health Research Program supports this claim.

The study was published in Peer Reviewed journal, which focused on a 12-week program using Sleep Reset that resulted in an average increase of 44 minutes of sleep for participants.

Around 564 individuals aged between 30-60 years were involved in the study and completed a three-month standardized curriculum.

Those who initially slept less than six hours per night saw an increase of 85 minutes, while participants who struggled with falling asleep reduced their awake time by 53%.

Those who experienced frequent awakenings during the night also reported two fewer awakenings. In addition, after finishing the program almost half of the participants stopped using sleeping drugs.

The app delivers a sleep dairy, mindfulness exercises, trackers to monitor progress, and personalized recommendations and feedback via text messages.

The app incorporates scientifically proven methods, such as cognitive behavioral therapy for insomnia, behavioral scheduling, light exposure, and relaxation techniques.

The app also offers weekly coaching tips tailored to individual needs. It addresses various aspects of sleep, including napping strategies, caffeine intake, nutrition, and physical movement’s impact on sleep quality.

Dr. Michael Grandner, the Associate Professor of Psychiatry at Arizona University and Lead Scientific Advisor of the App compared the effectiveness of Sleep Reset to other sleep solutions.