Samsung’s Bixby App: AI-Based Voice Generation to Answer Calls Close Now

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Samsung’s Bixby App: AI-Based Voice Generation to Answer Calls

Smartphones already have advanced features by which the user’s voice can write text messages for easy chatting.

Now Samsung Galaxy S23 series have the “Bixby Text Call App,” a virtual assistant similar to Google Assistant.

It enables users to convert their typed message into a voice recording and narrate the text when it takes the call. You can answer a call without speaking to anyone.

Samsung company has confirmed that a Bixby App will be accessible to Samsung Galaxy ranges this month. Which is included in all UI versions 5.1,

The cool thing about Bixby is that it will clown your voice and exactly sounds like you. Users have to record a few sentences on Bixby, and it will analyze them and generates an “AI-generated copy” of the exact tone.

According to Samsung, this feature will be integrated into other Samsung apps beyond phone calls.

Amazon and Microsoft already offer such AI voice generation services. Amazon’s version aims to make you feel that your loved ones are still alive, while Microsoft has a text-to-speech feature based on VALL-E, and it can even generate emotional tones.

The Bixby voice generation feature is available only for the English language. It can also follow up “key commands” without an internet connection, like taking a screenshot, setting a timer, and many more, just like a Google Assistant.