Samsung Unveils Ocean-Saving Close Now

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Samsung Unveils Ocean-Saving ‘Less Microfiber Filter

Samsung Electronics has introduced the Less Microfiber Filter, an external washing machine filter designed to act as a barrier for microplastics before they enter the ocean, addressing the issue of plastic microfiber emissions during laundry cycles.

Drawing inspiration from renowned brands like Patagonia and Ocean Wise, Samsung’s innovative filter aims to build upon the success of their Eco-bubble technology, which previously demonstrated a 54% reduction in microplastic shedding, the Microfiber Cycle.

The newly launched filter product will take the battle against microplastics to new heights by claiming to prevent up to 98% of microplastics from escaping during laundry.

This translates to approximately eight 500ml plastic bottles worth of microplastics per year when used four times a week.

Its mountable design ensures compatibility with standard washing machine models, allowing customers to contribute to reducing microplastic emissions and transforming sustainable laundry practices.

The ‘Less Microfiber Filter’ is initially available in Korea and the U.K. and will soon expand to other countries.

The Samsung Less Microfiber Filter uses recycled plastics to promote sustainability throughout its lifespan. It is designed to be durable and simple to take care of. The filter has blades that trap tiny pieces of plastic called microplastics using a mesh with a width of 65-70 micrometers.

These microplastics are then compressed and directed to one side, reducing the need for frequent cleaning. Approximately once a month, the filter should be cleaned.

Additionally, the filter can be connected to SmartThings, allowing users to monitor real-time updates on its capacity level, receive notifications for cleaning, and address related issues.

Samsung, this innovative technology marks a significant tangible impact in preserving our oceans and promoting sustainable laundry practices.