Samsung Introduces Self-Repair Program in the UK Close Now

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Samsung Introduces Self-Repair Program in the UK

After success of introducing self-repair program in the US last year, Samsung has now made this program available in the UK and other European nations.

With the help of this program, customers may quickly replace faulty parts on their Samsung smartphones (Galaxy S20, S21, and S22) and laptops (Galaxy Book Pro standard and Galaxy Book Pro 360).

Customers of the Galaxy series can swap out parts like the phone’s screen, back glass, and charging ports. Users of the Galaxy Book Pro will have access to seven components: the front and back of the case, display, touchpad, battery, the power key with the fingerprint reader, and the rubber feet.

The self-repair program aims to extend the lifespan of Samsung devices, enabling users to enjoy optimal performance for a longer time. Samsung aims to expand program accessibility worldwide and improve its products’ repair ability.

The program will be available in several European countries, such as Belgium, Italy, France, Netherlands, Spain, Poland, Sweden, and the UK. While Samsung and iFixit collaborated to initiate this program in the US, ASWO and 2Service will be in charge of sales and distribution of repair kits in Europe.

Some European nations already have access to this program, and by the end of June, the UK and other regions will soon get it.

In Germany, repair kits typically cost around €30. The UK price has not yet been released. For instance, the Galaxy S20 charging port and back panel are about €50 while the display is €200.

Prices may increase for the latest models, with the Galaxy S22 Ultra display costing around €310.

Samsung provides helpful how-to videos and other support materials on a dedicated support page to assist users in performing repairs themselves.