Russian Spacecraft faced a second coolant leak Close Now

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Russian Spacecraft faced a second coolant leak

A Russian spacecraft, “Progress 82,” carrying cargo, faced second time a coolant leak in recent months during its landing at the International Space Station (ISS), which is orbiting 248 miles above our earth.

The space agencies confirmed that it did harm the cargo spacecraft while the ISS crew is in no danger and is continuing their normal space station operations. 

This incident occurred on February 11, when a brand-new Russian “Progress 83” carrying goods landed successfully at the International Space Station. Where already a Progress 82 spacecraft was there that sprung a coolant leak. 

However, the Russian space agency ‘Roscosmos’ didn’t provide any other details of the incident. According to other resources, depressurization occurred in the spacecraft coolant system, which is responsible for this situation. 

According to NASA, the Progress 82 spacecraft carrying garbage arrived on an uncrewed mission at the ISS in October 2022. It was aiming to return this week after burning waste in the atmosphere.

But it can’t depart on its set schedule due to a leak issue. NASA also states that coolant leakage isn’t a big problem as no crew was involved, and the Spacecraft will leave out of orbit. The space station’s internal temperature and pressure are within normal ranges.

In December 2022, the first coolant leakage occurred from the “Soyuz capsule” spacecraft carrying three astronauts, which was captured on video.

In response to it, Roscosmos states the main reason for leakage is caused by micrometeoroid impact. Spacecraft’s internal temperatures became so high that they could not travel back to earth.