Range Rover’s New Luxury Feature: Music Vibrations Close Now

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Range Rover’s New Luxury Feature: Music Vibrations in Your Car Seat

Jaguar Land Rover (JLR) Automotive company has recently debuted its Range Rover Sport SV Edition One with an exciting feature “Body and Soul Seat”. Subpac powers this seat technology and adds haptic feedback to enhance your music experience.

The seat headrest is housed with transducers and membranes to produce vibrations in response to lower frequencies in your music. Whether driving or a passenger, you’ll feel the thumping beats of dance or rap tracks.

In addition to the immersive sound, the vibrations from the seat are beneficial for health, as claimed by JLR and Subpac. It helps you to unwind and lower your tension by increasing your heart rate variability.

If this proves true, the Range Rover Sport SV Edition One could be great for unwinding during your commute.

Due to high demand, the Range Rover Sport SV 1st Edition became sold out in its first year of launch, so you can sign up on the website to stay tuned for the availability of new SV editions. There are indications that the BASS technology will become more widely available.

Subpac is focusing on more than just car seats. It also supports haptic and bone conduction technologies in various sectors, including VR simulation, movie theatres, gamers, and movie theatres.

They also have a Flow platform that can vibrate seats and wearable devices. Subpac also intends to grow in the aviation and health fitness industry.

It may be okay if tactile audio becomes more common in your devices, even if it’s primarily available in premium products.