Ram 1500 Electric Close Now

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Ram 1500 electric pickup


Ram Trucks’ first electric pickup could be on the way to provide answers to those who are unsure regarding its abilities.

The Stellantis brand is planning to reveal its conceptual version, officially called the Ram 1500 Revolution Battery Electric Vehicle concept on Thursday, on the eve of CES at Las Vegas and said the truck will build on an system that can be able to travel 500 miles on an charge.

The vehicle is planned to be built around the “STLA Frame” platform, which is the most powerful of the four electro-powered vehicle models that Stellantis, the company which also is the owner of Jeep, Chrysler, Dodge and Fiat has so far announced.

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The details about the vehicle was announced in a press release ahead of the truck’s debut at the event formerly called the Consumer Electronic Show, a huge tech show that draws media coverage that isn’t just the usual auto press. The event was originally scheduled for the previous year’s LA Auto Show.

It’s not known what the version in production that is scheduled for 2024 will be able to do however Ram Brand Chief Executive Officer Mike Koval Jr. is not letting go of his earlier prediction that the Ram electric pickup will be able to give its main competitors likely that of the Ford F-150 Lightning and electric Chevrolet Silverado, more than an opportunity to compete.

“At Ram, we’ve redefined the definition of what pickup trucks are and we’ll continue to do it by advancing beyond what our competitors offer by offering the top electric pickups available currently available,” he said in the announcement, which stated it would be Ram 1500 BEV would be the best electric pickup available. Ram 1500 BEV will be the top in areas that customers are most concerned about such as range, towing payload, charge time and payload.

Information on the final version are still to be revealed.

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The concept truck has four-wheel steering that has a body-on frame design and an adjustable air suspension that can be used in three distinct modes: aero, ingress and off-road, the press release noted, noting that this truck “can increase 100 miles in less than 10 minutes using 800-volt DC rapid charging of 350 kW.”

The design of the exterior is described as “strikingly brutal – yet stunning,” featuring what appears to be a very sleek and aerodynamic look for an pickup. A huge “R-A-M” badge is located in the middle of what could be the grille middle of an “fully animated LED tuning fork’ design” according to the images and the press release.

The doors are open in a saloon-style without a B-pillar , which showcases the “cavernous area for occupants” as well as a larger cabin. Additionally, since it’s an electric vehicle, the concept will be equipped with an open-air frunk. Other seating and space features include third-row seats as well as an open midgate that has powered glass for access to the frunk, which can accommodate an 18-foot long vehicle with the tailgate shut The release added it, noting that the central console can be removed and the armrests can serve as workstations.

The touchscreen display of 28 inches in the dash is comprised by two screens which allows the smaller screen to be removed and put elsewhere inside this truck. press release said.

Other intriguing features that are expected to be released include an artificial intelligence-powered car personal assistant, as well as a feature known as “shadow mode” which allows the vehicle to instantly follow the user when they are in front of the truck.


“This voice-activated feature could be beneficial in situations where the driver must travel for a short distance, but isn’t able to return to the vehicle, for instance when removing equipment or tools from a work location. Trucks will be able to follow drivers in an appropriate distance, and use cameras and sensors to steer around obstacles” in the announcement.