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Predictive & Personalized Medicine in 2022


Medical technology is moving ahead at a rapid rate.

The possibility of receiving data about your lifestyle via wearables (like Apple Watch, Fitbit etc.).) gives medical professionals with the ability to predict and manage health issues that could arise before patients show any signs.

In reality, American insurance companies stated in the early months of 2019 that they would like to end the sale of traditional life insurance, and would prefer to adopt insurance plans that are interactive that track data on health and fitness via smartphones and wearable devices.

This means that the medical condition of each client is monitored and evaluated in the eyes of insurance firms only after the risk that are associated with their lifestyles and behavior are assessed.

In terms of the treatment of these patients the technology trend will enable doctors to prescribe more individualized medical treatments, also known as prescriptive medicine. The information-driven comprehension of the value certain treatments are for individuals can propel the market for healthcare into 2022.