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Poly Sync 20 Portable Speakerphone Is a Super Sound Upgrade


If you’re in search of an option for smartphones with poor sound quality that also functions as a superior sound system for devices on the go which are typically desk-bound, look into Poly Sync 20 Speakerphone. Poly Sync 20 Speakerphone.

The model I tried out comes in a limited edition pink model of Poly Sync 20. It has the features of the frame and gray fabric version, and functions as an personal speakerphone, portable music speaker, as well as the capacity to charge smartphones.

Apart from the distinctive pink fabric cover on the topside of the limited edition, the gray-colored standard device shown above is sure to please.

For each Pink Sync unit sold from October. 1in 2022 until September. 30 2023 Poly is donating $10 towards the National Breast Cancer Foundation. This is an excellent reason to look into purchasing this product.

The pink and gray editions are listed at $129.95. Prices can range between $89.95 to $149.95 dependent on special deals and features that are available.

Trouble-free Sound Upgrade

I had no issues connecting the portable speaker with multi-purpose function to my other devices. This includes laptop computers operating Windows, macOS, and Linux and large desktop computers.

In the majority of cases, the device automatically switched on the Poly speaker once connected. In other cases, I needed to choose the speaker or sound card device I wanted to connect to within the computer’s settings for system devices.

The 28” USB Type A cable is long enough to connect to the host computer’s port for connection when placed near. Another USB port lets you connect an additional cable or connect other connectors with devices like Chromebooks. If you do not require the included USB cable to connect then put it on the bottom of the base to hide it.