Pakistan ban Wikipedia services for posting slang content Close Now

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Pakistan ban Wikipedia services for posting slang content

Wikipedia is the most important encyclopedia, which is freely accessible and benefits everyone by providing knowledge on all branches. The Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) has blocked Wikipedia for 48 hours by restricting its access on account of not removing slang content posted in the last several days.

On February 1st, the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority disclosed that Wikipedia was approached under the notice of court order for removing the unlawful content and for a table talk. But Wikipedia didn’t act according to the notice, so the PTA restricted its access in Pakistan for a few days and threatened to totally block Wikipedia if it didn’t follow up their demands.

Pakistan is trying to control such slang content available on different digital platforms. Like in 2020, Pakistan completely banned TikTok due to posting immoral content and considering society’s values. It is good that Muslim-majority countries have strict blasphemy laws, and violating such laws will result in punishment of life, jail or death.

Pakistan not only restricted Wikipedia but also restricted the Wikimedia projects. From Pakistan, Urdu and Russia, Wikipedia receive more than 50 million visitors every month and a huge community of editors who produces historical and educational content for Wikipedia. If this ban on Wikipedia continues, then everyone will lose access to the knowledge, history, and culture of Pakistan.

Wikimedia Foundation is now requesting Pakistan’s government to reopen the Wikipedia website there. In response to it, a PTA representative said they would restore the website access if all the sacrilegious content is eliminated.