OpenAI Launches Free ChatGPT iPhone App Close Now

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OpenAI Launches Free ChatGPT iPhone App

Exciting news for iPhone users, OpenAI has released a new ChatGPT app for iOS devices.

This official app for the popular large language model is now available on smartphones. It joins other third-party AI apps that also use the powerful GPT-3.5 and GPT-4 APIs that power ChatGPT.

Currently, the app is only accessible in the United States, but OpenAI plans to make it available in more countries soon.

The newly launched app provides features comparable to the ChatGPT website’s, with the extra benefit of voice input using OpenAI’s Whisper speech recognition. If a user has ChatGPT Plus, they can switch between the GPT-4 and standard language models.

Additionally, if you login in with the same account on the desktop, the conversation history can be synced. Users have the option to remove, rename, or export chats. However, some recently launched plugins like live web access are unavailable in the app.

OpenAI has reassured Android users that they won’t be left behind for long and promises that an Android version is coming soon. It’s essential to remember that the app’s current version is exclusive to iPhones.

iPad users can continue using the ChatGPT website or the iOS app, although the app may not be optimized for tablet size.