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OnePlus 11 Android



The phone may become the first instance that we actually see new camera equipment resultant from OnePlus the collaboration with Hasselblad.

t’s no surprise that OnePlus’s next phone will be named”” the OnePlus 11 5G. In the last week OnePlus began accepting pre-orders for the new handset in China and the phone will be available in China on Monday, January. 9. This phone is scheduled to be released worldwide on February. 7. and follows the very impressive OnePlus 10 Pro. It’s also following The OnePlus 10T that caused a bad taste our mouths due to its inconsistencies and unclear value offering. We’re lucky, as OnePlus offered an exclusive glimpse of the 11 on December. After I have savored it using Google Translate, I am struck by an quote that Leonardo DiCaprio’s character said in the movie Django Unchained. “Gentlemen, you had my curiosity. However, now you’re the subject of my focus.” I was already anticipating high expectations for the 11 as it’s the third-generation phone that would be launched in the course of OnePlus’s partnership with the renowned camera manufacturer Hasselblad. To date Hasselblad’s involvement has mostly hidden behind the scenes with camera-tuning and other cool software features such as the Xpan style of panoramic. I would also like to point out that nuance and details are often lost when translated, so keep this in mind when you read.

The OnePlus 11 looks Amazing

The design of the 11 follows exactly where it left off with the 10 Pro left off. Translatedinto English, the website claims it’s design was in the style of the “black gap in science fiction.” However, instead of a square-ish camera bump like 10 Pro, instead of a square-ish camera bump. 10 Pro, the 11’s is circular with edges that taper to the edges that the handset. It’s like the clasp of an attache made of leather. In the case of a phone that is placed in landscape mode, the camera bump’s form appears similar to the shape that is Darth the Vader’s head.

The website showcases it in 2 different colors. It comes in a matte green hue which isn’t exactly British racing green as well as a black textured finish that according to translation refers to as “silk glass.” It is believed that the finish appears textured, however to the touch it’s basically flat glass. There aren’t many pictures of the front of the phone, but the display has edges of water flowing across the left and right edges of the device. The camera on the front is located inside a cutout that resembles a hole on the left-hand side of the phone’s top.
A slider for alerts is visible in a video of the product on the site , which displays stylized, flashy closeups on the OnePlus 11. OnePlus has previously stated that the slider would be back after the absence of the OnePlus 10T. The 11 is a part from the Red Magic 8 with the same slider on its hardware that puts the phone in gaming mode.

The OnePlus 11 has the latest Android hardware

The phone sports an 6.7-inch AMOLED screen that has variable refresh rates which reaches 120Hz. Display can be described as LTPO 3. The previous the year’s 10 Pro had an LTPO 2 display. LTPO is short for low-temperature crystalline oxide which lets displays have an extremely high refresh rate without harming the battery. According to the translation, LTPO 3 is smoother and also more efficient in power. The graphic states that the display’s refresh rate can be reduced to 1Hz that’s the same refresh rate that the iPhone 14 Pro uses for its display that is always on.

Inside the inside, the 11 runs Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 chip that, according to an OnePlus press announcement is 35% more efficient CPU performance , and an increase of 25% in GPU performance. The 11 is one the first phones to use the latest Qualcomm chip. The 11 also has 16GB of RAM, and the 256GB or 512GB storage options.