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One WhatsApp Account, Now Across Four Phones

Are you one of those who is worried about having one WhatsApp account and many cell phones? If yes, then we have good news for you.

You may now use the same account on up to four phones simultaneously.

In 2014 WhatsApp was acquired by Mark Zuckerberg, who recently announced this new function: “From today, you can log into the same WhatsApp account on up to four phones.”

However, similar to this feature, a “multi-device function” is already available, allowing users to access WhatsApp from browsers, laptops, or Android tablets in addition to their primary phone.

With the addition of this function, users may now use it to log in to up to four phones as well. WhatsApp defines this function as a “Single WhatsApp account across multiple cellphones” and is already rolling out to users globally and will be available for Android and iOS users in the coming weeks.

With this function, the messages on all four phones will be synced for up to a year. If your primary phone is off, you can still access your messages because each phone connects individually. And on every phone, your calls, media, and chats will be end-to-end encrypted.

WhatsApp will automatically log out from all other phones if the primary smartphone remains inactive for a long time.

To set up this feature, you have to tap on the option of a new “link to existing account” feature rather than entering your phone number as normal. The “link a device” option in settings will then display a QR code that can be scanned by your primary phone. And you will be logged in to another phone.