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One Step Closer to AI-Powered Zoom Meetings

OpenAI’s artificial intelligence is coming to Zoom in April to improve employees’ organizational skills.

The widely used virtual meeting platform ‘Zoom’ is ready to enter the Artificial Intelligence zone.

According to Zoom officials in a press release, they are collaboratively working with OpenAI to introduce an AI-based function, basically an expanded form of its current Zoom IQ capabilities.

Which will summarize chat threads, organize ideas, generates meeting agendas, and create content for chats, emails, and whiteboard sessions.

The platform IQ capabilities worked as “conversation intelligence software,” which uses Zoom meetings and users’ interaction on the phone to predict revenue growth and improve employee productivity.

However, The AI function is being created for a smooth workflow process, helping managers generate question prompts depending on the topic and discussion and ensuring that employees don’t miss any information in meetings.

Employees also get distrusted by a flood of messages, especially when they leave the conversation; at that point, the AI tool is helpful because it will conclude the complete information that has been missed.

Zoom will roll out the AI feature by inviting limited users in April. Those users can use Zoom IQ’s email and chat compose functions, and meeting summary features will be accessible to all users but not disclose any other details.