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Nord Smart Watch Review


onePlus is another brand that has made the long, arduous journey of its sub-brand. The Nord series began with a smartphone, then it moved to hearing devices and now it’s time to introduce the Nord wearable that is known as”the Nord Watch (not the most innovative). This is another smartwatch for under $100 which is designed to catch the attention of those who are just beginning their fitness journey and need an instrument that is reliable on their wrists that can provide detailed information.

Many people believe that Apple Watch is the best on the market However, it’s not making sense for anyone to pay more than Rs 30000 on a watch. For those who don’t, Nord Watch is an alternative at Rs 4999 and we will tell you whether this watch differs from the other models.


Nord Watch has a giant screen with the AMOLED panel. This combination is great for enhanced visibility under sunlight and makes the colors appear more vibrant. The larger screen does not mean a loss of convenience, and as this Nord Watch weighs around 50 grams, you’ll be able to wear it for a long time.