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Do You Want to buy the next Mac Pro?


Apple’s forthcoming Mac Pro risks becoming an unpopular product before it’s even released. This is because a recent report has added more negative news on a device that’s already seen many a disappointment. If the report turns out to be accurate then it could be that the 2023 Mac Pro could be one not to be considered by professionals.

This information comes from journalist Mark Gurman, who is typically accurate in the accuracy of his Apple predictions. The last Power On newsletter, Gurman claims that the next Mac Pro will use the same design and style as the current model, causing disappointment to those who were expecting a different appearance for the computer that is super powerful.

This might not be an issue, as the design that’s in place is very efficient in terms of heat and definitely creates a stunning form. However, what’s more disappointing for those who are looking at that the brand new Mac Pro is that Gurman believes that it will not have upgradeable memory. This means that you’ll only have the memory you pick at the time of checkout.

It also undermines one of the main selling aspect for Mac Pro Mac Pro: modularity. With the new Mac Pro, Apple seemed to be aware that its target consumers, after having paid an amount of money for the gadget, will like to modify its internal components when their demands shift. In the future, there’s an alternative to doing this.

In actuality, giving up on upgradeable memory makes the Mac Pro considerably close to Mac Studio, that doesn’t feature any modular components This is one less reason to choose Apple’s highest-priced Mac.

It’s further substantiated by another Mac Pro revelation, also made public by Gurman who said that the coming Mac Pro will top out with the M2 Ultra’s 24-core chip. In the past, Gurman had predicted the Mac Pro could be configured to include a powerful M2 Extreme chip that has double that of cores on the M2 Ultra. However, the plan has been discarded which could leave an unconfigured Mac Pro with the same chip as the following Mac Studio.

With that the Mac Pro starts at $5,999 and the Mac Studio’s cost starts at $1,999, it might be difficult to Apple to convince consumers to purchase the more expensive model in the event that it does not offer more power in the processor. Gurman believes that the coming Mac Pro should feature slots for additional SSDs or graphics, media and networking cards however that may not be enough for many.