New York Air Mobility Company Introduces Electric Aircraft Close Now

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New York Air Mobility Company Introduces Electric Aircraft

A rapidly growing global air mobility company, BLADE is well-known for its helicopter production across New York City. Still, the noise pollution from helicopters forced the company to shift its product focus.

The Blade company and BETA Technologies launched an electric vertical aircraft (EVA) known as ALIA-250. It looks like a helicopter with “lift rotators” on its wings.

The ALIA aircraft can accommodate up to four passengers and one pilot for a distance of 288 km, and it can be recharged in 50 minutes using a “charging cube.” Currently, the company has nine operational and “publicly accessible” electric charging stations from Vermont to Arkansas, and other 55 others are under construction.

On 14 February, the first demonstration flight of ALIA was conducted by Blade and its partner BETA Technologies. which was flown by Beta team member Nick Warren from BETA’s testing center in Plattsburgh, New York. The flight lasts for 13 minutes and makes two circuit rounds of the airport track.

Another helicopter, Airbus H125 AStar, was flying along with ALIA in the first round to record the difference in noise between a conventional and electric aircraft.

The success key of electric aircraft, ALIA, is that it is 1/10th quit than a conventional helicopter. Therefore, Blade company intends to produce EVA as they are “virtually silent” during the whole flight, takeoff, and landing.

Another factor is the successful flight test conducted on Tuesday begins the Blade company’s transition from helicopters to new silent and emission-free aircraft.

The company committed to buying 20 ALIA aircraft. And it intends to operate them between Midtown and Wall Street to New York City area airports and the Hamptons by late 2025 or early 2026.