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New Editing Features for Google Photos Web Users with Google One Subscription

Google Photos has announced introducing new editing features for its photo-sharing and storage service via its official Twitter account.

The latest additions to it are Sky suggestions, Dynamic, Colour Pop, HDR, and Portrait Light. These features are specifically available for web users who have subscribed to Google One, the Google cloud storage service, allowing users to edit their photos from their computer conveniently.

The Portrait Light feature enable users to adjust the angle and intensity of the light in portrait photographs. On the other hand, the Portrait Blur feature enables users to adjust the background blur effect.

Additionally, users can select different palettes and customize the color and contrast of the sky with the Sky suggestions feature.

Furthermore, the HDR feature enhances the overall quality of the photo by improving brightness and contrast across the entire image. These new editing features aim to give users more control and options for enhancing their pictures.

Google Photos initially announced the Magic Eraser feature in March. That is now accessible on all Pixel phones, and also Google One subscribers, including iPhone users, can access this tool.

The Magic Eraser tool automatically detects photo distractions, such as photo bombers or power lines, enabling users to remove them and enhance their pictures easily.

Additionally, according to reports that Google Photos is developing a brand-new tool called cinematic effect that lets users to select a photo and specify the length of the resulting video.

On the basis of the chosen photograph, the platform will then produce a slow-motion zoom animation and its quality also depend on the chosen photo.