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New AI Feature for YouTubers

Have you seen any YouTube videos containing titles in other languages to facilitate diverse people’s language barrier? You won’t see that because it takes time, and we humans always want easily manageable tasks.

YouTube has a solution for it. It has launched a new AI feature by which content creators can easily and quickly dub their videos into different languages for their viewers.

In the early stage, it enabled around 3,500 multi-language dubbed videos in 40 different languages, and now it is being expanded to a wider range.

This feature intends to help content creators reach out to a broader audience and viewers access more content they previously could not due to the language barrier.

Additionally, creators don’t require to create multiple YouTube channels for videos in different languages, and it saves time, human effort, and cost for dubbing. Dub the videos.

YouTube data revealed that creators’ multi-language dubbed videos have over 15% of watch time from views in the video’s non-primary language. Also, viewers watched more than 2 million hours of subtitled videos daily in January of 2023.

You can access this feature by clicking on the gear icon available in all YouTube videos, and you will find a new option, “audio track.” Click on it to see multiple language options, select your comfort language and enjoy the video.