Netherlands Hosting the First Summit Close Now

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Netherlands Hosting the First Summit on ‘Responsible Application of AI in the Military’

In our latest AI technology news, we learnt that introducing artificial intelligence in defense systems can go out of control.

But the nations are willing to work on it. On the 15th and 16th of February, a summit on the “responsible” application of artificial intelligence in the military field will be held in the Hague city of the Netherlands. Representatives from both the United States and China will join it.

The launch of the OpenAI and ChatGPT programs two months ago motivated the conference’s interest in artificial intelligence technology.

Even though it is still being determined whether the attendees of the conference, 50 countries will agree to support a weak statement of laws drafted by the summit host Netherlands and co-host South Korea.

Russia isn’t invited to the summit because of the situation in Ukraine, which will be a significant topic of discussion at the conference.

This summit is the first step in eventually creating an international arms treaty based on AI that is still far away. Some nations may have been reluctant to sign such agreements on its limited usage out of concern, which can become a disadvantage for the summit.

The spokesperson of the summit states this conference is about the aspects of AI in the military. For example, how AI can be a safe tool to accelerate decision-making in a military context and how we can utilize AI tools to identify our permitted targets.