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Netflix strict policies for sharing screen.

The most popular streaming platform, Netflix, always mentioned, ‘sharing Netflix password with your family and friends is caring,’ is now ending this policy and prohibiting its users from sharing their accounts with others.

But Netflix allows its users to share a password with only those with whom they share a home. Otherwise, Netflix requires its users to provide proof of living in the same house or purchase a subscription.

When a Netflix primary account owner gives her account to someone else, a 4-digit verification code will be sent to confirm that the other device is a part of the house. After successful verification, a secondary user will have account access for seven days, and after that, it will need to verify again.

Netflix used to track its users to confirm their belonging to one house by analyzing their account activity, IP addresses, and device IDs.

If users live in the same home and their devices are connected to Wi-Fi, they won’t need to verify their Netflix account. For Netflix’s satisfaction that you are a member of the same household, you will need to reconnect your home Wi-Fi every month. If the provided proof is verified as fake, then that user’s account will be blocked.

Until now, Netflix will not charge anyone if they use someone else account or share their account with others, but in the future, users will be asked to pay for extra users or purchase a new subscription for them.