Netflix ‘Game Controller App Close Now

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Netflix ‘Game Controller App’ Brings TV Gaming.

Netflix has introduced a brand-new gaming controller app for iPhone users, now available on the App Store. This app the “Netflix Game Controller,” can be freely downloaded and enabling users to engage in gaming sessions on their television screens.

Up until now, Netflix has primarily offered a limited array of mobile games, predominantly sourced from renowned premium game developers who have achieved success on Apple Store.

Nevertheless, the company has yet to unveil any games specifically tailored for TV play, clarifying that Netflix Games on TV are still in beta phase, and it has not introduced any proprietary games of its own.

Currently, Netflix is working on Android version of the app. According to VP of Netflix, Mike Verdu state during a conference that the company is actively “exploring” cloud gaming possibilities and cloud streaming.

And Netflix’s games service follows a distinct business model, setting it apart from previous unsuccessful attempts like OnLive or Stadia, and increasing its potential for success.

Having entered the gaming arena in November 2021, Netflix has already rolled out an impressive collection of more than 50 titles. In the current year, Netflix is gearing up to launch 40 new games, with 16 of these being developed in-house.

Subscribers with a Netflix membership can indulge in these games at no additional cost. The games are accessible for download via the Google Play Store, while iOS users can access and play them directly through the Netflix app.