NASAs Rover Discovered Meteorite at Mars

NASAs Rover Discovered Meteorite at Mars Close Now

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NASA’s Rover Discovered Meteorite at Mars

At the start of February, the NASA rover ‘Curiosity’ discovered a meteorite moving across Mars. With the help of its Mast camera, it took 19 pictures of the meteorite and sent them to Earth for NASA scientists.

According to the observations from pictures, the meteorite was a foot in length, comprised of different materials showing a rust color, and appeared to be an iron-nickel meteorite known as Cacao.

On January 27, the first cacao meteorite was discovered under the shadow of the Curiosity rover, so it changed its location for a better view to capture it.

In 2014, a rover discovered an iron meteorite named Lebanon. It was about 6.5 feet wide. Also, in 2016 another meteorite was discovered called Egg Rock because of its golf ball size.

The NASA rover team states that it is impossible to know the total years of meteorites’ presence on mars as the recently discovered meteorite may be there for millions of years.

This rover arrived on mars in August 2012 and has investigated Mars’ Gale Crater and Mount Sharp, a mountain of 3-mile height in the center of the crater. The curiosity rover has similar main goals to other NASA rovers.