NASA’s Robot ‘Mars Rover’ achievement unlocked Close Now

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NASA’s Robot ‘Mars Rover’ achievement unlocked.

Long ago, NASA started planning to launch ten depot humanity samples on mars with the help of the mars rover, a robotic motor vehicle. Within one and a half months of its operation, NASA’s ‘mars rover technology’ succeeded in lending the last depot sample on mars.

The depot isn’t a device, it’s just a piece of another planet’s land selected by NASA to fix ten titanium tubes which will store samples of that planet’s rocks and dust in future after a time being. These samples can be acquired by preserving depots on a distant planet for two years. Depending on future projects, these depots can be collected by another NASA mission and returned to Earth.

NASA’s goal is “Mars Sample Return” by early 2030. This planning goal will utilize the mars rover for one set of sample collections from perseverance and convert them into a tiny capsule for easy landing back to Earth.

Life existence on Mars:

Scientists are working on drilling samples of areas that appear to be scientifically interesting at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL.) Most of the search sites come within the boundary of ‘Jezero Crater’, a once-flooded area, as chances of life existence are more. Any evidence from these samples will be helpful to know about the history of mars, the existence of microbial life on mars, and how life evolved on Earth.

Scientists also claim samples of sedimentary and igneous rocks are excellent proof of existing geologic processes in Jezero about four billion years ago.