NASA SpaceX Crew-5 Mission Landed Close Now

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NASA SpaceX Crew-5 Mission Landed Safely on Earth

NASA SpaceX Crew-5 mission, stuck at the International Space Station (ISS) for nearly five months, safely landed on the planet at 9:02 pm ET on March 12 near the coast of Tampa city, Florida.

The Dragon spacecraft of Endurance company was used to land the following four astronauts of the Crew-5 mission, including Nicole Mann of NASA, Josh Cassada, Anna Kikina from Russia, and Koichi Wakata from Japan.

These four astronauts will never forget in space history for spending 157 days during an ISS rotation. One of its astronauts from the Wailaki people group, Nicole Mann, became the first Native American woman to fly in space on the Crew-5 mission.

Another achievement was the first time a Russian astronaut, Anna Kikina, flew to space on a privately owned US spacecraft. It was made possible due to last year’s agreement between NASA and Roscosmos during Russia and Ukraine war.

It is the same as the Japanese Wakata, which made a record by taking its fifth flight into space. Moreover, it was the second orbital trip for the Endurance spacecraft after the crew-3 mission.

The spacecraft will return to SpaceX’s Dragon Lair facility in Florida for safety inspections and refurbishing before its next mission flight.