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NASA Rover captures Mars Cloudy Season

 It has been the second year of NASA’s rover, a planet exploration device on mars. A recent image was taken on January 29 by NASA’s Perseverance rover to witness the sunrise behind a hazy sky full of clouds. The clouds are incredibly thin because there is little to no water in the Martian atmosphere.

According to findings, the mars planet has four seasons, similar to Earth, but they differ in length as seasons are longer on mars because a Martian year has 687 Earth days and 668 Mars sols.

The season days are also fluctuating more than ours. Like in the northern hemisphere, the spring season lasts for 194 days, and fall only lasts for 142 days. The atmosphere of mars is just 1% denser than that of Earth, and the whole planet is too much colder and dustier.

The satellite orbiting Mars has noticed a huge cloud cover in its northern hemisphere during the Martian summer solstice (which will be observed on July 12, 2023).

The main problem for the rover is not clouds but the Martian dust, which sticks to its solar panels and prevents them from charging up.

On February 18, 2020, NASA’s rover landed on Mars with the aim of learning about the planet’s geological events, gathering potential evidence of life by collecting rock samples and understanding the Martian atmosphere with the help of an Environmental Dynamics Analyzer to monitor cloud activities.