NASA Launches Streaming Platform Close Now

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NASA Launches Streaming Platform “NASA+” to Explore Space

NASA has unveiled its very own streaming platform called “NASA+.” This platform will offer live broadcasts and original documentaries to inform and engage the public.

The upcoming streaming service will be free and ad-free, ensuring a smooth and uninterrupted viewing experience. It will showcase informative TV shows and all of NASA’s live broadcasts.

Jeff Seaton, NASA’s chief information officer, expressed that this move aims to enhance the user experience and make NASA’s information more accessible, discoverable, and secure.

The streaming platform will be accessible through NASA’s mobile apps on iOS and Android devices, web browsers on desktop computers, and media players like Roku, Apple TV, and Fire TV.

By revamping its digital presence, NASA plans to integrate information about its missions, research projects, and updates on the Artemis program into the new web and app experience.

Marc Etkind, associate administrator at NASA, believes this transformation will help share the stories of NASA’s explorations in air and space, inspiring discovery and benefiting humanity.

The new experience will bring together content from various NASA websites and offer easy navigation and search functions for users to access information effortlessly.

Although the beta version is already accessible, NASA intends to expand libraries and webpages to the platform once it is fully launched.

According to Nicky Fox, associate administrator at NASA said the platform will address a variety of themes, including exoplanet research, Earth’s environment, and solar system exploration, creating deeper ties with the public.