NASA Ingenuity helicopter captures Martian Sunset Close Now

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NASA Ingenuity helicopter captures Martian Sunset during its 45th Flight

We know a lot about NASA rovers’ incredible performance, but this time a small autonomous robotic helicopter named “Ingenuity, also known as Ginny,” captured a stunning Martian sunset picture.

Ingenuity is part of the NASA space agency Mars mission 2020 aiming to investigate mars and landed on February 18, 2021, attached to the underside of the Perseverance rover.

Currently, it is preparing for its 47th Flight to investigate Mars. However, it was initially designed to make five trips and had to adapt to changing seasonal conditions, such as low atmospheric pressure and colder temperatures, which is a great achievement.

The helicopter still operates in harsh environments and recently completed its 45th Flight, the longest trip of the year. NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory released a picture captured by the high-resolution color camera of Ingenuity of a Martian sunset as the sun sinks below the horizon.

The image was clicked on February 22 by helicopter after traveling a distance of more than 1,600 feet in 145 seconds, reaching a height of over 40 feet and groundspeed of more than 13 miles per hour.

According to resources, the Mars Helicopter 47th flight was decided by March 9 and expected to fly over 1,411 feet, but an update has yet to be received.