NASA Artemis Moon Spacesuits are Out Close Now

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NASA Artemis Moon Spacesuits are Out

It’s been a half-century since the first-time astronauts stepped on the lunar surface, but this time, humans are ready to return to the moon as part of the NASA Artemis 3 moonwalk Mission.

Since Apollo, the long gap has changed a lot of things, and NASA’s spacesuit model is 40 years older and can’t perform according to current conditions causing life-threatening issues for astronauts at ISS.

As of May 2022, NASA restricted astronauts from moving out from the boundaries of the space station due to an incident of water leakage in an astronaut helmet.

Therefore, to perform future moonwalks smoothly, NASA and Axiom Space are ready to launch next-generation Artemis Moon Suits.

On March 15 at eastern time 10:30 am, the space agency conducted a live broadcast event to reveal a prototype of its lunar spacesuit called “Exploration Extravehicular Mobility Units (xEMU).

Moreover, an upcoming test will be conducted to land humans on the moon wearing new spacesuits by 2025.

A long-time partnership happened between Axiom Space and NASA in June 2022 to develop new spacesuits for Artemis 3 mission and for the onboard ISS astronauts by November 2024. But significant challenges were faced by NASA when making space suits xEMUs due to financial and technical issues caused by covid-19.

We’re excitingly waiting for the improved version of space suits for Artemis 3 mission moonwalks.