MosaicML Firm Debuts New Services in Effort Close Now

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MosaicML Firm Debuts New Services in Effort to Challenge OpenAI on Price

To undercut market leaders like OpenAI on price, MosaicML, an artificial intelligence firm created by former Intel Corp executives and academic researchers, unveiled two new products on 3rd May.

The San Francisco-based MosaicML was launched in 2021 with a collection of software tools to make it cheaper to carry out artificial intelligence work, which entails training AI algorithms on massive amounts of data using expensive computer chips.

The company has raised $64 million from the launch date by selling the software tools to businesses wanting to manufacture unique AI systems.

However, on Wednesday, MosaicML revealed several new services that will compete with businesses like OpenAI or Anthropic that create AI systems and then charge for access.

The company provides software developers with what is referred to as an inference service so they can add capabilities to their apps, like the capacity to read and generate text or graphics in response to a prompt.

MosaicML offers all these services for a price that it claims is 15 times less than those of competitors.

Along with these new services, MosaicML has created its foundation models, the fundamental technology that powers services like Microsoft Corp.’s chatbot-enabled products and Alphabet Inc.’s Google.

Unlike most competitors, the firm will also provide code access to its customers to run on their own hardware, ensuring that MosaicML never sees the data.