Minnesota is an upcoming 100% Carbon-Free Power Close Now

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Minnesota is an upcoming 100% Carbon-Free Power Producing US state by 2040

Power production from non-renewable energy sources is easy, but mitigating its carbon footprint takes years. Therefore, the world is moving towards producing clean energy by utilizing a mix of solar, hydropower, wind, and biomass resources.

The United States of America contributes around 28% of carbon emissions. Recently the Minnesota US state democratic legislators passed a bill to impose a climate law requiring all the state’s electric utilities to use 100% clean electricity to meet the 2040 goal with 80% goal achievement by 2030 and 90% by 2035.

The law comprises two new requirements for electric utilities: a standard for renewable electricity and carbon-free energy. The former regulations standards were the North Star State electric utilities have to use at least 25% of clean energy by 2025, and the standard raised to 55% use of renewable energy by 2035. 

However, the state can grant the extension for achieving the clean energy 2040 goal, and electric utilities can also purchase carbon credits to minimize their carbon emissions.

The state can also initiate new energy projects at minimum wages for employees to build large-scale power production projects and to prevent energy production from waste incineration plants from endangering the health of the backward native American (black people) community.