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Microsoft Upgrades Bing Chat with Three Exciting Features

Microsoft regularly updates its AI-powered Bing Chat. While this week, three notable updates have been seen in Bing Chat.

This includes increased chat interactions, accessibility of Bing Image Creator to all users, and support for travel-related questions has been added.

These updates include an increased number of chat interactions, the availability of Bing Image Creator for all users, and support for travel queries.

While some features may only be temporarily visible as the company experiments with them, three noteworthy changes have been fully implemented and are accessible to all users are:

The first one is ‘Expanded Availability of Bing Image Creator.’ In March, Microsoft introduced Bing Image Creator in Creative mode, and now it also supports Precise and Balanced modes.

Creative mode generates imaginative and longer responses, Precise mode provides shorter and more factual answers, while Balanced mode aims to strike a balance between the two styles.

Secondly, ‘travel queries now generate more visual results,’ making it easier for users to understand locations and nearby attractions. For example, if you ask about cherry blossom spots in Japan or summer vacation destinations in India, Bing Chat Travel Feature will provide links with additional information.

Lastly, Bing Chat has become more conversational. Microsoft has increased the maximum number of turns in a single conversation from 20 to 30, and the daily limit of turns has been raised to 300. Users can now continue previous conversations that reached the turn limit and pick up where they left off.

With these improvements, Bing Chat users should enjoy a better and more engaging experience.