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Microsoft Teams introduce AI Classroom Tools

As today’s generation of children lives in a technologically advanced world, they are ready to acquire digital advancements in daily activities.

On February 9, Microsoft Teams introduced new AI tools in Education for the 2023-24 year. The company believes that its new “Learning Accelerators” category will help students to improve their public speaking and math skills while also enabling teaching jobs easier.

A new AI classroom tool for teachers is “Speaker Progress.” Microsoft smoothens designing, assessing, and analyzing the student’s speaking and presentation assignments by saving teachers time.

Also, it provides review summaries of presentation-making and delivering abilities and emphasizes the areas that need improvement. It also enables teachers to record classroom activities and review them later.

This new tool will be a helping hand to the existing Microsoft tool “Speaker Coach,” introduced in 2021, which offers individuals to practice and receive real-time guidance and feedback at the moment.

Microsoft AI math tool “Math Coach” breaks the problems and guides the students to solve them while motivating critical thinking. Another tool, “Math Progress,” is a teacher companion application that assists them in giving useful feedback and creating practice questions and new lessons.