Microsoft Debuts Bing Chat Widget on Android Close Now

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Microsoft Debuts Bing Chat Widget on Android: Easy Setup Guide

Microsoft made several AI-related announcements at its Annual Developer Conference ‘Build 2023.’ One of the announcements was about integrating OpenAI ChatGPT within Microsoft’s search engine, Bing.

It allows the chatbot to provide more timely and up-to-date answers by accessing information from the web. Microsoft also disclosed plans for the Bing plugin, which will soon provide new experiences to unpaid customers.

Additionally, as per blog post on Microsoft Bing website, the company is bringing the Bing Chat widget to Android devices. Users can add it to their device’s Home Screen for easy access.

How to Add Bing Chat:

On your Home Screen, find an empty space and press and hold it. Select “Widgets” to see the available options. Choose your fav and hold your finger on it to add. Now, move the widget to the desired spot on the Home Screen and let go of your finger.

How to Resize a Widget:

Click and hold the widget on the Home Screen and then lift your finger. You’ll notice dots outline on its sides indicating resizing. Drag those dots based on your preference for resizing. When finished, tap outside the widget to complete.

Microsoft Introduced New Features for Android & iPhone Users:

First one is the Compose feature in SwiftKey, which functions similarly to the Compose feature in Edge sidebar. According to the users’ chosen requirements, such as the subject, message tone, format, and length, it generates text for them. Microsoft has also added two new tones to SwiftKey, Witty and Funny.

Second is an AI-powered translator in SwiftKey for iOS. Which supports all Bing Chat languages and was previously available on Android.

Last is Sports Grounding, by which users can now inquire about the latest IPL 2023 match score, and Bing Chat will provide improved answers.