Microsoft CEO announces OpenAI partnership Close Now

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Microsoft CEO announces OpenAI partnership will enable companies to utilize tools like ChatGPT in email messages to workers as well as slideshows and spreadsheets.


Microsoft is investing hugely in artificial intelligence through ongoing collaboration with OpenAI Services and by incorporating business emails, presentations, and spreadsheets. OpenAI, the firm that owns products like Bing and Excel. According to a press statement, after the company’s first layoffs of a total of 10,000 employees, Microsoft increased availability of Microsoft’s Azure OpenAI Service that works on cloud computing to enable businesses to use AI tools like ChatGPT. Now more firms can apply for access to AI tools.

According to the Washington Post, Microsoft is adopting OpenAI technology into its own products like PowerPoint, Excel, and Bing after the launch of Azure OpenAI Service. Also, it was mentioned that Microsoft is going to spend $10 billion on OpenAI by the end of 2022 after its first investment of $1 billion in 2019. The Nadella journalist stated that “Microsoft will completely alter their products by implementing the same AI capabilities”, so workers should willingly accept AI tools by eliminating fear of them.

ChatGPT teams have been being affected by major layoffs and by the company’s focus on introducing AI in its new products and services. Due to that, in the first week about 1,000 employees of the firm were layoffs and most of them were internal team members of ChatGPT. By March, Microsoft intends to fire more 9,000 people. Nadella predicts the future by saying that the ongoing generation of AI will result in a significant change in the sector by boosting economic growth and wages.