Microsoft Brings Its AI Assistant, Copilot, to Windows Close Now

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Microsoft Brings Its AI Assistant, Copilot, to Windows 11

Microsoft is adding an AI-powered virtual assistant called Windows Copilot to Windows 11. It works similarly to the Copilot already available in Edge and Office apps. Users can find a familiar sidebar to ask questions and receive answers from the Copilot.

Microsoft’s head of Windows and devices, Panos Panay, states, “We are bringing Windows Copilot, making Windows 11 the first PC platform to offer centralized AI assistance.

It empowers every user by quickly taking actions and accomplishing tasks, allowing customization of settings and seamless connections with favorite apps.

Windows Copilot will be easily accessible in the taskbar, and once you click on it, the sidebar will stay with you as you switch between different apps, programs, and Windows. It’s designed to be like your personal assistant, always ready to help.

Like Bing’s AI chat, Windows Copilot allows users to perform tasks directly within the operating system. For example, you can turn on the night light mode or change your desktop background without searching for these options in the “Settings” menu.

According to the company, All the standard features of Windows that you love, such as copy/paste, Snap Assist, Snipping Tool, personalization, and many other features, are right there for you that becomes even better with Windows Copilot.

In addition to task assistance, Windows Copilot can also provide document summaries. Whether you have simple or complex questions, you can ask Copilot, which will provide answers.

The rollout of Windows Copilot for Windows 11 will begin with a preview version starting in June.