Meta Warns Hackers: ChatGPT Is New Crypto Scams Close Now

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Meta Warns Hackers: ChatGPT Is the New Crypto Scams

The success and popularity of ChatGPT drag a lot of public interest. After watching this, malware distributors are taking advantage of this interest.

On 3rd May, Facebook owner Meta confirmed that malware distributors use the public’s enthusiasm in ChatGPT to persuade users to download harmful apps and browser extensions.

According to a study, the social media giant has discovered over 1,000 malicious links and ten malware families since March that were advertised as tools using the well-known AI-powered chatbot.

According to the Meta, in some cases, the malware delivered abusive files together with functional ChatGPT capability.

During a press conference, the chief information security officer at Meta, Guy Rosen, stated that “ChatGPT is the new crypto” for bad actors.

Rosen and other Meta executives claimed that the firm was preparing defences against various potential cases of abuse associated with generative AI technologies like ChatGPT, which can quickly generate human-like responses related to art, writing, and music.

Lawmakers have recognized these tools as potentially facilitating the spread of online disinformation campaigns.

When asked if generative AI was already being utilized in information operations, the company Executives said it was still in the early stages.

However, Mr Rosen stated that he expects “bad actors” will use the technology to “try to speed up and perhaps scale up” their operations.