Meta Stops Paying Influencers for Reels Close Now

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Meta Stops Paying Influencers for Reels

It is sad news for all Instagram and Facebook influencers as they will not get paid for making reels.

We all know how much our youth is going in this money-making field.

Moreover, the Meta owner, Mark Zuckerberg, also emphasizes them a lot on creating short-form videos and paying them thousands of dollars according to reels view count and audience engagement.

His trick was to get more Instagram users’ attention and interest towards watching and creating short-form videos to compete with TikTok. Meta also promises to help creators earn revenue by posting content on Facebook and Instagram with $1 billion through 2022.

According to some external resources, this news was revealed on Thursday, 9th March, to pause content creator additional reel payments.

For general awareness, for the last two years, some content creators have gotten bonuses of around $35,000 in one month on getting more than 58 million views on reels. However, Instagram bloggers with fairly sizeable followers and views on reels could receive $600 to $1,000 or even $10,000 in the first year.

Don’t worry if you’re a content creator because there are many other ways to earn from fakebook and Instagram by overlay ads, paid promotions of brands, badges, subscriptions, and many more.