Meta Debuts AI Model for Objects Detection Close Now

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Meta Debuts AI Model for Objects Detection Within Images and Videos

On March 5, Facebook-owned Meta introduced an AI model with the largest-ever dataset of image annotations that can identify specific objects within an image.

In a blog post, the company’s research division claimed that its “Segment Anything Model (SAM)” could identify objects in pictures and videos even when it hadn’t seen them during training.

This AI-based SAM allows users to pick objects by clicking on them or by entering text commands. For example, if you write “cat” in a prompt dial box, the tool will draw boxes around each of the multiple cats in a picture.

Since Microsoft-backed OpenAI, ChatGPT has become a sensation around every corner, thus sparking a surge between big tech companies of investments and a race to dominate the Artificial Intelligence area.

Meta has annoyed several AI generative features made famous by ChatGPT, which generates brand new content rather than just identifying and categorizing data like conventional AI. However, it hasn’t yet been introduced as a product.

According to the company CEO Mark Zuckerberg, these AI generative “creative tools” in Meta’s apps are a top focus for this year.

Before this technology, Meta does use technologies similar to SAM for different activities like tagging pictures, removing Prohibited content, and choosing which posts to recommend for Facebook and Instagram users.