Meta Debuts Metamate AI Chatbot Close Now

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Meta Debuts Metamate AI Chatbot for Employee Assistance

Facebook parent company Meta recently revealed its latest artificial intelligence (AI) advancements, showcasing the productivity assistant called Metamate.

This AI chatbot has undergone training using internal company data and is now being made available for employee use. Employee queries are answered by Metamate, which further assists with tasks like coding, summarizing meetings and feature debugging.

Furthermore, employees can create their prompts and share them with colleagues. Although earlier discussions involved potential collaborations with Microsoft and OpenAI, Metamate utilizes its in-house model for optimal performance.

Meta is also developing good advanced future products in Generative AI. During an internal meeting, Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg expressed the company’s commitment to leverage generative AI technology to make it accessible to billions of people.

Although Meta is yet to release consumer-facing generative AI products, Zuckerberg highlighted the significant breakthroughs achieved in the past year.

Meta showcased several ongoing projects, including an AI tool that can modify user photos based on text prompts. They also demonstrated the capability to create emoji stickers for messaging services using AI.

Moreover, Meta previewed AI agents in popular platforms like WhatsApp and Messenger, which possess distinct personalities and abilities to assist users. Messenger will soon integrate AI-generated stickers.

These developments highlight Meta’s dedication to incorporating generative AI into its products and expanding its potential applications.