Messenger Returns for the Facebook Mobile app

no one needs to hear about the famous and widely used Facebook messaging application “Messenger” removed by Meta in 2014.

Almost after nine years, Meta is ready to return to Messenger for the Facebook mobile app.

According to Facebook CEO Tom Alison’s statement, the relaunching of Messenger aims to test people’s convenience and ease of connecting and sharing, whether through the Messenger app or directly on Facebook.

It’s still being determined the exact plan of Meta to relaunch Messenger is as it’s not a terrible idea to have one less app to manage on your phone like it’s possible to message Instagram people via the Facebook app well.

According to a Meta CEO blog post regarding Facebook, ‘s emphasis area for 2023 is to assure readers that the “Facebook App is not dead nor dying,” as now it’s the platform of more than 2 billion users.

To compete with the popular TikTok app, Meta is trying to shift Facebook from a connecting app for family and friends to an entertainment and discovery platform. Making Facebook “the ideal app for social discovery and sharing.”

The critical point of Meta is returning to an earlier method with new strategies for doing things while following up with the competitor.